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Oh my lord

So, in my not-so-secret stalking of everything Hemsworth-related, came across a clip of the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman (Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart. Charlize Theron and Sam Claflin) being asked to read out loud an an exerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hiltarity value is off-the-chart, I admit, but...my inner goddess roars? 

...this is a current bestsellar, yes? 



Still on The Avengers high.  And it's deeply embarrassing how much I'm dying to watch Snow White & the Huntsman to the point that I'm rather gleeful at the prospect of readings fics that would put SW and Huntsman together.  ::facepalm::  To be fair, I've watched and read practically 90% of different fairy tale & mythology renditions in existence (I took lit classes specializing on them, even), and Charlize Theron looks incredible, but at this point I have to admit the effect Chris Hemsworth has on me is not...insignificant.  Goddamn. 

Been systemically exploring the Loki & Thor fics, but the entire Woobie!Loki culture is scaring me off with its OOC-ness.  astolat's fics, however, restored my faith in humanity and fandom in general, and pretty much every single day I'm holding my breath for Revelations update, as it is unbearably awesome (and has the label of Tony/Pepper to boot, OH MY YAY--thank God for canonically-making-sense epics!).

The Avengers

To those who were exposed all my rant/whine/resignation on the logistics involved in going to see the movie, I'm happy to report that the pain was indeed worth it.  Joss Whedon is doubtlessly a master at balancing ensemble cast and complex storylines and giving you just exactly the right amount as well as leaving you wanting for more.  Very, very well done.  And now...

Spoilers, yes, along with shippy feelings of all persuasionsCollapse )

...so yes, in short, I'm going to watch it again, because my mother wants to see it with me (because she's awesome).

The Hunger Games

Cannot process the season finale of TWD yet.

Still cannot get out of the bed, either.  (This is fast becoming a problem.) I don't like to use my laptop on my bed, so mostly I've been rolling around with my books, Kobo, and/or DS whenever I'm off from work.  I did, however, figure out the way to convert fics (not posted in AO3) into epub files, so I managed to catch up with some of the fics. But mosty I've been re-reading things like Dragon Raja and LoGH and making my way through the books I've been planning to finish, like--don't laugh--The Hunger Games.

I have my issues with it, but I liked it, overall.  I would, however, like some fics that delve more into Katness-Haymitch-Peeta dynamic, or, in short of that, anything focusing on Haymitch and/or Peeta.  Does anyone have recs?  There must be tons and tons of good fics lying around, right?  Right?

I was telling boonies how Peeta is like a blondier reject of the second male lead from most of the kdramas, that one character who gives, gives, and gives.  While he's way too unreal for me to appreciate as a properly developed character, I have an extremely tender spot for characters like that, so basically I'm doomed.  Ugh.

Tonight, on TV land

Finally caught up with The Good Wife & The Walking Dead, including tonight's episodes.

spoilersCollapse )

So I'm somewhat caught up with TV shows.  Gotta start working on all the fics I missed out on pretty soon.

Assorted randomness, and a rec

How is this already March, I ask you?   Okay, so during most of February, when I was not on business trips, I was sick and bed-ridden.  When I wasn't sick, I was still bed-ridden, mostly reading and generally refusing to do anything constructive or productive, and this, I'm truly good at.

This also means I finished about 20 books last month, reorganized my Kobo to have only 290 to-read epub files instead of the completely unrealistic 500 files, and then went and ordered a ten-volume set of LoGH (if anyone other than boonies can guess what that acronym means, I'll probably cry in joy), the newly translated version from the original Japanese.  I wish my Japanese was getting good enough to read it in original, but that will take my lifetime, so I gave in and ordered the new translation and then immediately became nostalgic.  God, Yang Wenli, I love you with the burning passion of a thousand suns.  He's still my favourite fictional character in the history of...everything, apparently.  (And, to complete the nostalgia-fest I've got going, finally finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  I still prefer the manga, but Riza Hawkeye FTW! )

ANYway, the first thing I promised myself I'd do when I get back into the routine of things again is to rec The Cake Job by frackin_sweet, so that's what I'm gonna do!  (Yay!)  It's a The Walking Dead fic, and the first one I've come across that I'd described as a true epic in this fandom.  Not going to deny that I may be a bit biased (a bit) since I did some of the beta work for the story, but it has such fabulous characterization of everyone, and the world-building in this future AU is impeccable and hella more interesting and emotionally immediate than the show itself.  Honestly, I can just roll around this 'verse forever, reading about Daryl, T-Dog and Sophia kicking ass and being their ridiculous selves.  It's also Daryl/Glenn, so it caters to my 'shipping.  (But even if that's not your cup of tea and you're more inclined to gen, I think you'll love, love, love the storytelling aspect of the fic.)  And the author's writing discipline is amazing.  I can't even imagine beginning or finishing a 60k awesomesauce of a fic in any near future.
Mm, what else?  Have tons more to catch up to, especially with many, many new Breaking Bad (!) fics.  There was a time when I've read literally all the BB fics in existence, but our little fandom is booming and my record no longer holds true.  (The same goes for TWD, actually.)  I feel...oddly like a parent watching her first kid packing for college, for some inexplicable reason.

A bit more random observation - Sherlock

I re-watched parts of The Reichenbach Fall last night.  I also finished reading Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner (rather interesting) at the same time, so basically I'm an emotional trainwreck. 

Spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall, obviouslyCollapse )

I'm feeling rather unsettled, which only happens when I get so emotionally invested in a story.  Usually I try to resolve it by scribbling down something, but I haven't been able to write anything down in a while, and I really won't have the time for it anymore.  /facepalm

Sherlock Thoughts

Oh lordy.  Honestly don't have time for this (or the gross sobbing), but I need to get this out of the way.

Spoilers for Series TwoCollapse )

Doctor Who

Okay, so the last few days I've watched the entire Series Five of Doctor Who as well as some of the previous episodes written by Moffat (Blink and The Silence in the Library two-parter).   It's my very first time watching DW all the way through, and I started with 11th Doctor as per earlgreytea68's suggestion (THANK YOU!), and oh goodness, it's brilliant.  This is exactly my type of thing, and I'm not sure why I waited this long.  And River Song just became one of my favourite characters in TV history, and I haven't even gotten to S6 yet.  Matt Smith is amazing.  (That said, I honestly can't imagine him playing John Watson, which I know he was up for.  I could see him going for Sherlock, maybe, but John?)  Rory and Amy are ADORABLE.

And Blink.  Even a total DW novice like me have heard of this famous episode, and now I guess I know why.  That was a brilliant bit of writing by Moffat.  I'm moi, moi impressed.


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